Fall Crops



The rotten squirrels ate up an entire row of corn, so I decided I would start my beets and radishes early.



I used some seeds I had picked up at Monticello. I’m not sure how well they’ll grow, but at least time is on my side!

My Helper



This little one makes weeding fun.

For Nana


My grandmother always said she would live until she was 102, so it came as sort of a shock when she died this Spring at 101.  Yesterday would have been her 102nd birthday, and I cut these flowers in her honor.  She gave us this vase for our wedding.  She was already old when I was born, and we didn’t always connect. We shared a love of flowers though, and this was the best way I could think of to honor her birthday.

Must See



Watching the flames on a Saturday night is way more entertaining than TV.

That Time Of Year


Blanching & freezing today.

A First!



I got my first ever garden zucchini!  I’ve never had the problem of having so many that I need to leave them in neighbor’s unlocked cars.  After ten years of trying and finally getting one, I am thrilled!  Tomatoes, beans, and chard are also coming in.

June Garden



Still nice and green and somewhat tame.


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